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About Us


J.T.I. (Jeong Trading Inc.) is a company that introduces high quality and innovative solutions for Canadian market.  Our purpose is to aid your family life to be safer and enjoyable.

Our start up products are intended for the youngest member of your family, children.  All products meet required European standards under SGS and are provided with relevant certificates.

As we grow, the range of our products will extend further to meet the needs of other members of your family.



J.T.I. imports products only from the top companies in South Korea and we are the exclusive distributor in Canada.  Our partners include Parklon and Pognae, whose products are all manufactured in South Korea.

Parklon is a company that have been producing popular crawling playtmats for children for over 17 years.  The company has expanded their activities around the world.  In these markets, Parklon products have gain great popularity and has become inseparable part of family life.

Pognae is the top baby carrier producer in South Korea for the past 6 years.  Their products are extremely popular in Asia, Europe and USA.  With its extreme comfort, ergonomic design, and versatility, it is the number one choice for parents around the world.